EZGO (2001.5+) Long Travel Jake's Lift Kit

EZGO (2001.5+) Long Travel Jake's Lift Kit
Item# 6209-21E
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Product Description

This EZGO A-arm conversion lift kit fits Electric or Gas EZGO carts from 2001.5+. These EZGO carts have the steering rack that lays on top of the front axle. Features chrome front shocks, chrome bumper, 2" receiver for front hitch, purple anodized tie-rods. Also includes rear lift, this is everything you need to lift your cart besides larger tires and wheels.

The front a-arms are adjustable for 4-8" of lift, you choose how high you go.

The rear lift is 6", which is not adjustable.

The front end, depending on what tire/wheels you run will end up about 3" wider than the rear. This is for stability, it will still fit in the back of a pickup truck, no problem.

This lift kit was designed to give your EZGO cart independent front suspension and a smoother, more stable ride. Soaks up the bumps a lot better than the stock leaf springs, this kit gives your cart true off-road capability. 100% made in USA!

Please specify electric or gas.