EZGO (1994-01) Long Travel A-arm Suspension *SALE*

EZGO (1994-01) Long Travel A-arm Suspension *SALE*
Item# E-7-0600
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Product Description

All remaining kits are BLACK in color!

About a 7" front lift from this long travel independent A-arm kit. Comes with two 16" custom spec'd Progressive Suspension dual-rate coil-overs. This is a complete new front end for 1994-2001 EZ-Go TXT carts. All you save are your existing spindles and hubs.

BLACK color, easily bolts directly to the frame, detailed instructions included. (Or download them below). Provides 9.5" of wheel travel. This is the ultimate golf cart front suspension! Drive up curbs, use it off-road, this is the best we've ever driven. Drives straight as an arrow, ride quality is not too firm, just right for cruising around and the rough stuff. Very hard to bottom out with the dual rate Progressive Suspension coil-overs (2 springs on each shock). Amazing what a difference going from 2" of travel to 9.5" makes. This kit makes you cart wider and more stable than an average lift kit.

Takes approx 3-4 hours to install. Lights not included.

For the rear lift on gas carts you flip the axle to below the leaf springs. Rear on electrics you use a "normal" rear lift kit (call to order, $80 extra). We recommend getting the heavy duty leaf springs to make the front and back sit level on both gas and electric carts.

Available in black or silver, please specify.