Golf Cart Overhead Stereo System

Golf Cart Overhead Stereo System
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Product Description

Roof Mount ABS Mobile Audio Console with Stereo receiver, marine speakers, faceplate slide down cover, all mounting hardware and wiring.

Please select make of cart and color you want above. We do not have a model that fits Club Cars older than the year 2000.

-Includes a high quality AM/FM antenna.
-Marine waterproof retractable cover.
-WR85B Marine speakers are water, UV, and corrosion resistant and have a one piece molded grill for speaker protection and durability.
-The DEH Pioneer is a 50watts x 4, 200 total watts MOSFET CD player with AM/FM tuner with 3-band equalizer.
-MP3/WMA/MAV playback.
-Connect your portable devices (iPOD) directly through the front AUX input.
-Satellite Radio Ready for XM or Sirius through front AUX input.
-Card Remote Control.
-Detachable Face Security.
-Overall dimensions: 18 in. L x 8.5 in. W x 5 in. H
-Comes with a one year 100% manufacturers warranty.
-Not just 200 watts; this is MOSFET 200. Compared to conventional power supplies, the MOSFET amplification circuit is smaller and more efficient, and it delivers power with less distortion and absolutely zero on/off switching noise. Remember: more power doesn't only mean “louder". It also means that your music will be cleaner at higher volumes because you're not pushing the limits of the amplification circuit.