Yamaha Folding Windshield For G22

Yamaha Folding Windshield For G22
Item# Y22-1-03x
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Product Description

Please specify clear or tinted. 1/4" thick folding windshield, fits the Yamaha G22 cart also called the GMAX(Top supports will measure approx. 38.66" wide). This is a top quality windshield.

This is a thick, 1/4" tinted acrylic folding windshield. We don't sell the flimsy 3/16"(.177) shields, only the best. Made from first rate acrylic. No tools required to mount, simply snaps into place. A must-have for driving when it's cold or wet, folds up when you want a breeze. Rubber pads keep it from rattling. MADE IN USA!